The Academy of Women's Health is an interdisciplinary, international association of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals who work across the broad field of women's health, providing up-to-date advances and options in clinical care that will enable the best outcomes for women patients. The Academy's focus includes the dissemination of translational research and evidence-based practices for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for women across the lifespan.
In the spring the VCU Institute of Women's Health will host "Women's Health 2018" at the Crystal Gateway Marriott. It will be chaired by Dr. Susan Kornstein, May 3-6.  For more information, visit or contact Dr. Susan Kornstein, Conference Chair, at [email protected]

Membership opportunities are available to all physicians, nurses, and other health professionals who work across the broad field of women’s health.
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The official blog of the Academy of Women's Health, Mitzi Perdue keeps us up to date on what's new in women's health with a monthly blog post. 
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The Journal of Women's Health is the official journal of the association.
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